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3C Industry

3C Industry

Borche IMM can produce parts for various kinds of 3C products, such as TV, computer, notebook, pad, GPS and mobile phone, etc.  Most plastic parts used on 3C products most are in low weight but in big quantity, therefore require IMM with high injection speed/precision and small injection volume. Borche make good combination of precise controller and servo valve through its sophisticated design and can offer machine of more than 500mm/sec injection speed.

  • LCD TVs
  • Desktop Computers
  • Tablet Computers
  • GPS

The corresponding 3C are thin, light weight or precision products such as the guide plate, LCD TV frame, the most need corresponding to high firing rate, high precision or light emissions, according to the size of models to match the high instruction cycle controller and servo valve to meet customer demand for products, can achieve short time large capacity. Borche products can reach above 500mm/sec high speed high precision. Both hydraulic cylinder injection and all electric injection molding machines are available.