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One machine realises diverse demands

BS-Ill Servo Series are featured with adequate power system, high-precision control, stable performance, high versatility and three sizes of screw barrel, which satisfies different pro­duction requirement.



With the amount of plastics used in automotive manufacture increasing, Borche Machinery caters for an increased demand for new tech in production.



Borche Machinery has been used to produce many kinds of plastic parts for construction industries, such as PVC fittings, corners of door/window, fire proof parts used in kitchen and home.


PE pipes

Borche has the capability to offer various machines for all kinds of pipes (PVC/PPR/PE/PP). Borche machines for pipes are specially designed and also can be customized as per customer requirement.


3C Industry

3C are thin, lightweight products such as LCD TV frames, laptop body enclosures, desktop computer enclosures, tablets mobile phones and other products utilising thin but strong enclosures.


Home Appliances

A wide range of household appliances such as small kitchen appliances, audio visual products, washing machines and air-conditioners and fitness equipment can be produced utilising Borche machinery.



Logistic products including creates, pallets, and boxes for agriculture, construction and daily products.