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Bi Series

Advanced Technology

Bi Series

Bi series is able to connect peripheral equipment and realize two-way data communication, which intergrates the information of the peripheral equipment into the machines controller. Bi series can be linked with PC or mobile phone. User can easily monitor the status of the machines through the interconnectibility and its sensors inbuilt.


Optimized Toggle System

Optimized toggle system for longer opening stroke and faster dry cycle


Enhanced and Increased platen

Enhanced and Increased platen, stronger and adaptable for bigger mold


Enhanced frame

Enhanced frame for better strength


More Sensors

More sensors adapted and connection module inbuilt for connectibility


Stable and durable Keba controller

Keba controller interconnected with auxiliary equipment(limited brand)


Organized cabinet

Organized cabinet, seperated high/low volt cabinet for safer operation


Enlarged power system

Enlarged power system with servo motor, fast and efficient


Linear Guide

Linear guide, fast and smooth


Organized pipe fixing

Organized pipe fixing, tidy


Modular design

Modular design, 3 inj. Units (9 screws) available for same clamping size, wider application

Advanced Technique

Interconnected - Stable - Precise

The machine is equipped with a different interface for data collection and communication, uploading machine real status, technical parameters and status of peripheral equipment to PlasCloud platform.

Modular Design
Improved Rigidity


  • Interconnected
  • Modular design
  • Rigidity enhancement
  • Performance upgrade


  • Real-time monitor
  • Abnormity alarm
  • Process control
  • Equipment management
  • Quality control

Modular Design

  • Machine with modular design, meet different needs flexibly
  • Optional injection units to cover bigger range of injection volume
  • Both Standard power system and optional enlarged one stage power system are available.
  • Optional swing injection unit for easier screw and barrel maintenance
  • Spare installation places for sockets

Optimized Clamping Structure to strengthen clamping unit integral rigidity.

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BM Series

Borche multi-component machines can provide stable, precise and flexible solution for different kinds of customized demand. With more than 10years experience in this category, Borche have realized 5K injection in one machines. We have all kinds of multi-component machines, including parrallel, L shape, vertical, piggy-back etc.

BS Series

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