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Technical Team

Borche Technology Innovation Center

Established in early 2003, it has two R&D bases in Guangzhou and Hangzhou. Borche has a provincial-level enterprise technology center. Tan Jianrong, member of the China Academy of Engineering and Professor of Zhejiang University (ZJU), the leading ZJU-Borche Mechanics Research Institute, and our own in-house team of nearly 100 well experienced design experts and design engineers Eight project design teams are responsible for the design, development and improvement of new products, and can design various models according to the needs of different customers.

Borche always applies advanced design concepts throughout product design and development. Each year, the center’s designers are regularly sent abroad for training by the company or go abroad to conduct technical exchanges and cooperation with experts from Europe, America and Japan to jointly research and develop related products, so that the company’s products are always in sync with the world’s advanced technology. We have developed more than 300 special technologies for customer needs; more than 100 patented technologies. Pioneering and innovating, passion and vitality are the common pursuit of all the designers of the technology research and development center. We are committed to becoming the industry leader in the field of plastic machinery technology, and will use our own practical actions to draw the future of Borche!